Salt and water have a mesmeric quality intimate connected with life and death and the creation of meaning. In Seawater/NaCL micro and macro are seen as one, looking into the micro revels the macro and vice versa. The installation included NACL Studies a video shot with an optical microscope that records the process of formation of salt’ crystals from chloride atoms and Seawater, which shows images of the horizon digitally manipulated to expose the editing process, perhaps a futile attempt at counting infinity.

Seawater/NaCL was a project commissioned for Coastal Current Arts Festival in Hastings; it was shown in the exhibition Space Interrupted curated by Clare Sheppeard at Electro Project Space, St Leonard on Sea in 2014.



The video Stillness explores the fluidity of the boundaries between the inside and the outside by using a transparent, spherical glass container filled with ink, immersed in water.  The work shows a very slow transfer of black ink into water.  The image, which at times seems almost still, is in continuous transformation.  Gradually, the object disappears into blackness, leaving behind a reflection of its surroundings. The projection, shot in real time, lasts over an hour, is in a loop and is projected onto sandblasted glass.

Drawing outlines no 1


Drawing outlines plays with an impossibility. Two dancers are tasked to define their own physical boundaries when in movement; continuously redrawing their own outline whilst negotiating their space with the other. The notion of shifting boundaries is an on-going concern in Emanuele practice that she explores through physical and material circumstance.

Drawing outlines was realized for ACTS REACTS 2014, a festival of performance across theatre and fine art at Wimbledon Space, with the participation of dancers Lauren Bridle and Davin King from The People Pile.

Acts Re-acts 1 Exhibition



Graphics traces


Graphics Traces is a site specific performance and installation that examines the relationship between drawing and dance: from the live to the mediated act, from the screen to the dancer in the space, from the dancer movement to the drawn mark. ‘Via a performance incorporating live dance, drawing, sound and video projections, Emanuele’s performance explored dance as a form of notation, tasking a dancer with creating certain formation and pattern of marks by the end of the performance and seeing how this affected the dance and gestures that then occurred’ (review by Sarah McLean)

Graphics Traces was realized for acts reacts 2014, a festival of performance across theatre and fine art at Wimbledon Space with the participation of dancer Lauren Bridle from The People Pile.

Acts Re-acts 1 Exhibition 

Melting series


Breaking down the line

Sketchbook Series 1 to 100: page 4, 11, 43, 37, 12, 3…


Translating choreographic movements into paper constructions, temporarily balanced, Sketchbook series 1 to 100 animates the blank pages of a sketchbook as fleeting momentary sculptures of a dancer’s movements. A sort of taxonomy of a series of gesture, a rhetoric of movements, which becomes a series of stills of the same action: folding paper.

Immateriality: Possibilities and Experiences Exhibition



Two but not two


In two but not two Emanuele continues her exploration of the fluidity of the boundaries between inner & outer realms of a subject . What interests her has to do with being a subject, living in both a private /personal space as well as in a public/inter-relational one and the negotiation between those two. A concern that underpins much of her work. These c prints are a selection of images from the balls series.

NaCl studies/Sodium chloride


NaCL studies/Sodium chloride is series of studies and diagrammatic drawings that explore the process of formation of salt’ crystals from chloride atoms using an optical microscope and sem technology (electron microscope technology). Salt is a recurrent material in Emanuele’s practice, an ubiquitous material with an universal taste used in most culture. One of the properties of salt is its capacity to   repeatedly transform, dissolving and crystallising is an ongoing process. Nacl Studies is a series of studies developed during a residency at the conservation and restoration centre La Venaria Reale, in collaboration with the department of physic of the University of Turin. The project aimed to extend ongoing concerns of Emanuele’s art practice such as material transformation, time and temporality by engaging with scientific processes, facilities and technologies for artistic production.The focus was on developing strategies for making the invisible visible through an exploration of material processes.


Dotty mask


Originally realised for WhiteNoise, Dotty Mask is a film that shows a slow, repetitive and lived-through experiential gesture in which one by one Emanuele plucks off adhesive coloured stationary dots from her face. ‘The performance of Emanuele drawing dots away from skin reveals the origin of the sign, the image within which meaning for us begins and remains circumscribed: the human face. The space of the face to be precise: the living pictogram, which signals the relation between its parts as a lived-through experience, yet whose singular history is continually connected with every glance to the varied history of others’ (extract from Whitenoise Joe Graham Text)