Ref: 2000/01 -153-154, 2004/05 – 240-254, 2006 – 97-106


The transformation of language and materiality and how these processes of making and installation can combine in site-specific locations are the themes explored in Ref: 2000/01 -153-154, 2004/05 – 240-254, 2006 – 97-106, developed during a residency at Mill Lane Library in the Land Economy Department of the University of Cambridge for all-art:language:location.

Using the architecture of the library, along with disregarded box files commonly used to contain and order documents, periodicals and academic papers, a system of shapes precariously balanced resemble a choreographic intervention. Dis-assembled and fragmented arrangement of forms positioned on shelves above and below the balcony. A semi-formed and illegible text invites the viewer to speculate as to its potential for a meaningful address. Perhaps a reflection on the state of the library, whilst in the process of being re-located and perhaps too a comment on the ability of language to re-form in various material states.

ALL- art:language:location Exhibition